The True Causes
of Global Warming AND The Solution

The Causes of Global Warming

Welcome to We are dedicated to bringing you up-to-date information Global Warming. There are several causes of Global Warming, it is important to learn about what is affecting our world. Global Warming is a very serious threat to our way of life.

There are many proven facts that demonstrate how global warming has affected certain parts of our planet. The future predictions of global warming are important to note also. Things don't look so good, but there are some things we can do to slow down the process.

A teacher I know recently asked a student what we could do to fight global warming. His response was it should be illegal for anyone on Earth to pollute. Children are much wiser then we sometimes give them credit for. As that is the correct answer, however humans are habitual in their nature. Giving up their automobiles, buses, trains, planes, gas lawnmowers, etc... is not an easy thing to ask them to do. We have created the causes of global warming, it's up to us to find the solutions.

However hard it may be for us to accept, that child's answer may be the one we will be forced to accept. We go more into detail on the Solution to Global Warming in our "The Solution" section in the menu on the left. Believe it or not there are still skeptics who still don't believe that Global Warming is really happening. For that story and more, just use our menu on the left. We also have graphs and data showing the effects and causes of global warming.

You can also learn about Future Predictions of the effects of Global Warming on our planet through our menu. And finally if you are interested in getting books or videos on the causes of global warming or the potential solutions we have a section for you to check out too. We hope you enjoy our website on the causes of global warming and the solution.

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